Hurricane's Grill Steakhouse

The world famous Sydney-­‐based rib house ‘Hurricane’s Grill – Darling Harbour’ is pleased to announce its successful transition towards a mobile gift voucher platform powered by EagleEye.

Customers have demonstrated a keen appetite for this technology with mobile gift vouchers outselling traditional plastic counterparts by 15:1 in the first month since introduction and now account for 90% of total gift voucher sales.

Hurricane’s Grill strives to provide the very best customer experience, and teaming up with Eagle Eye and Commonwealth Bank has allowed us to do precisely this. We now deliver a more convenient and faster service for our gift voucher products to the increasingly digitally savvy customer base, and with real-time reporting it allows us to easily measure our return on investment. The popularity of our mobile gift vouchers has blown us away and we planning to extend over more restaurants and to the Apple iOS6 Passbook feature. Steve Sidd, General Manager

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Amazing and world famous ribs.

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